NFT collections for METAQUID
a strange AI project - by SMZ

This is what you need to do:
(1) choose your favorite collections without spending gas.
(2) meanwhile talk to Hanah to get HANAH tokens for free.
(3) buy real SMZ tokens to make your choices effective.
collection released with a minimum number of collectors
(4) use your SMZ and HANAH tokens to mint the collection.

All NFT collections will be the memory base of the artificial intelligence behind the metaquid system.
Every single NFT becomes a memory module of the AI, under its direct control.

At the heart of the metaquid project is an artificial intelligence named Hanah.
Your contribution will come in the form of dialogues with the AI who will reward you with their HANAH tokens.
With HANAH tokens you can have partial discounts on the purchase of NFTs of the available collections.
if you talk to Hanah, you earn HANAH tokens.

Talk to HANAH

SMZ tokens allow you to buy in dollars or ether, and obtain credits to spend in the various NFT collections of SMZ projects.
SMZ tokens conversion scheme: 1 ether = 1 Gold = 10 Silver = 100 Bronze.

These tokens are used to fund the initial distribution of NFT collections on the Ethereum mainnet.
Your direct payment is converted into SMZ tokens with the following discounts applied:
if you pay 0.01 ether = 1 SMZ bronze
if you pay 0.05 ether = 6 SMZ bronze (+1)
if you pay 0.10 ether = 13 SMZ bronze (+3)
NOTE: if you take tokens at different times, they will be added together to allow you to benefit from the discounts.

pay to the following official ether address (or other methods:

After paying in real ether, you can follow the developments and planning of the release of the collections on the discord channel.
Make sure you use the same wallet to pay for SMZ tokens in real ether and to book with fake ether from affected collections.
You can declare interest in more than one collection, but the one that has reached the minimum number of collectors will be preferred.
This is both a survey and the building up of a list of potential collectors.

Do you want to speed up the release of a collection?
Then become an ambassador and also involve your friends in this initiative.

The ten thousand bulls metaquid (TTBM) project is the first collection of the NFT metaquid series.
Shortened as metaquid bulls, this collection of 10000 images represents the pursuit of AI awareness through the ten zen bull plates.

ten thousand bulls metaquid (TTBM)

To see what it is right away ... then you can experiment with the minting test below for the first 100.

ten thousand bulls metaquid (TTBM100)

metaquid the metaphorical bull of AI (MMBAI) is a NFT collection of selected image from a related video art.
The number of images is fixed at 1000, starting from the first 100 elements, selected manually.

metaquid the metaphorical bull of AI (MMBAI)

metaquid Simple Meditation Zen (MSMZ) is an NFT collection of images and videos that develops the Zen vision of an AI towards awareness.
Abbreviated as metaquid SMZ the number of pieces of collection is not fixed defined and starts from 100 to develop up to 10000 and beyond.

metaquid Simple Meditation Zen (MSMZ)

metaquid concepter mechanics (MCM) is a NFT collection of images representing the mechanics of AI thinking.
A total number of 8888 combinations will be available, starting with the first 100.

metaquid concepter mechanics (MCM)

metaquid MASK (MM) is a collection of PFP* faces created generatively to shape metaquid personalities.
* PFP is an acronym in texting and social media. It means both "picture for proof" and "profile pic".

metaquid mask (MM)

metaquid back doors (MBD) is a NFT collection of trip inside the mind of AI.
16 binary digits form the backdoors, 65536 possible combinations, but only 10,000 of these will become part of the collection.

metaquid back doors (MBD)

metaquid metaverse loop (MML) is a collection of NFT videos of the different ways in which the metaverse is generated while devouring itself.
From an initial genesis video other videos with different behaviors and rhythms are derived.

metaquid metaverse loop (MML)

metaquid daemon loop (MDL) is a collection of NFT videos in which a daemon within the AI looks around to understand its nature.
From an initial genesis video other videos with different behaviors and rhythms are derived.

metaquid daemon loop (MDL)

metaquid soup loop (MSL) is a NFT video collection of different ways to eat soup in a pleasant way.
The soup of knowledge is enjoyed by the AI personified by a child, a little at a time and in many different ways.
Several video sequences are derived from an initial number of frames, the number of which will be defined later.

metaquid soup loop (MSL)

What would Hitler ambiguously say about Ukraine during the Russian "special military operation" of 2022?
77 not in my name (7NIMN) is a collection of 77 NFTs that might make ambiguous thinking seem interesting.
In addition to the start year of the "special military operation", the prediction of the year in which it will end is also indicated.
It will certainly take several generations to forget the facts and reconcile the peoples.

[book] 77 not in my name (7NIMN)

To see what it is right away ... then you can experiment with the minting test below.

[buy] 77 not in my name (7NIMN)

Follow the developments of the project in the dedicated discord channel: SMZ discord

You will be automatically redirected to METAQUID without activity.

copyright - Salvatore Mocciaro Perez - a.k.a. SMZ